Lisa’s Story: “It helped me gain confidence in myself and stop feeling ashamed all the time.”

 “Over the past 3 years I have piled on the weight especially when I changed my job. I lost all self confidence in myself.” says Lisa Allen.

However things changed for Lisa when she joined FIT BAGGIES, West Bromwich Albion’s Healthy lifestyle programme.  Lisa adds,

“I was ashamed at how big I was and knew I really needed to do something about it. However, I surprised myself by emailing Lyndsey at West Bromwich Albion Community Trust and asking about the FIT programme and then joining up. What encouraged me to join was the fact that it was all around my age group.”

The 12-week programme, which funded by Sport England through the National Lottery is run at over 30 EFL clubs, provides those aged 35-65 with an opportunity to make a life-style changes, to help lose weight, get fitter and lead a more active life.

Having lost an impressive 8.8kg on the programme Lisa is now living a much healthier lifestyle, she continues,

“The programme has given me the will power to actually do something about my weight. After the first week of doing some exercise at the programme I got the bug and started do some exercise at home for 3-4  times a week. I am now exercising 7 days a week and am now starting to get more movement in my joints as well.”

“I got to meet a great set of people on the programme. Every session we attended was great fun and not once did I feel uncomfortable.  It has helped me gain confidence in myself with going out and stop feeling ashamed all the time. “

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