Demi Tackles Loneliness whilst on NCS

Demi, 17, from Doncaster was one of thousands of teens in Yorkshire and Humber to take part in NCS during the pandemic.

COVID-19 has impacted all ages, non-more so than Young People and before starting the NCS programme Demi admitted that she felt mentally drained and had lost track of where she was on her life journey. When the opportunity of doing NCS with Club Doncaster Foundation came along she was desperate to get involved; not only to set her mind at something but to help people in her local community that had been affected by the pandemic.

Demi would describe herself as outgoing but the thought of meeting new people during the pandemic was daunting and made her anxious. She was however really looking forward to connecting with people once again and building her confidence back up. All this was made easy by Club Doncaster Foundation who put on a number of activities such as mental health awareness and the challenges surrounding mental health in Doncaster, Befriending training, and learning more about her local community and volunteering opportunities available.

Demi and her group put the befriending training into practice on their social action project as they all took time to ring elderly people in Doncaster as part of EFL Trust’s ‘Tackling Loneliness Together’ initiative.
Demi continues to be part of NCS as part of Club Doncaster’s Local Action Group. She said: “NCS has taught me a lot of skills and helped with my confidence, I have really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it to anyone considering it!”

Demi’s Mother said:

“We saw Demi grow day by day during the programme, it was a real pleasure to see her putting her name forward to come on this programme. The amount of effort and hard-work she has put in shows that the young people of today really care about looking after the world and their future.”
Demi’s mother

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