Fitter Fans programme a huge success in Bolton

Fitter Fans, aimed at getting those aged 50+ more active and healthy as well as enjoying the additional benefits of taking part in sport has proven very popular with the older generation of Bolton.

The programme, run by Bolton Wanderers Community Trust takes place at the Macron Stadium weekly and offers a variety of light physical activities to take part in including walking football, circuit training, cricket and table tennis as well as the opportunity to have a chat over a cup of tea after the sessions.

Participant responses:

‘’I very much enjoyed the whole experience, made some friends and have started to do more exercise away from the course.’’

‘’Just loved it. I look forward to Wednesdays. As well as the activities it was great to meet such great people who made the group what it was. Great staff.’’

‘’My wife and I joined a Fitter Fans group in January 2016 and again in October 2016. The impact it has had on our lives, is that it is a healthy, enjoyable social event and we look forward to each week. Since first joining we have both lost weight and become a lot fitter.

‘’We have also made a number of new friends which is probably in the region of 40 people. We have also encouraged our relatives to join, who did. Although we all live locally it could be months or even years before we saw each other at events such as weddings or special birthday celebrations. Now we see each other each week.’’


For more information on the programme contact Bolton Wanderers Community Trust here.