Fulham Doctor Supports Efforts to Tackle Homelessness

Back in April, Fulham’s official Club Doctor, Justin Yeoh, signed up as a volunteer to help homeless people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Consultant in Sports & Exercise Medicine (and previous GP), used his medical experience to support vulnerable individuals placed in protective hotel accommodation by Hammersmith & Fulham Council.

With all football matches suspended at that time, Fulham supported the community response to COVID-19 by deploying experts like Dr Yeoh and other members of the FFC medical team whose skills are invaluable in difficult times.

Dr Yeoh has been treating rough sleepers who have been put up in hotels across the capital to keep them safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

Back in April, Dr Yeoh said: “Fulham and the Fulham FC Foundation have been working with many key local partners and have been keeping in touch with supporters and people from our neighbourhood.

“Whilst football is currently suspended, I’m glad to have been invited to offer my services to Turning Point and work closely with them, St Mungo’s and the local authority to support the tremendous work being carried out with the homeless in the borough.

“The voluntary work I do is very rewarding for both myself and the patients that gives a little bit of help to those in need.”

Dr Mohammed Al-Saidi, Consultant Addictions Psychiatrist at Turning Point, said: “Dr Yeoh’s support on our clinical team is a great opportunity to reach some of the most vulnerable people in society. This is a crucial step for many to get off the streets for good.”