Charlotte Hill leaves the EFL Trust Board after nine successful years

The EFL Trust Board today extend sincere thanks to Charlotte Hill, OBE, as her time as an EFL Trust Board member comes to an end. Charlotte leaves the Board as she has reached the maximum possible 9 years of serving as an Independent Trustee. 

Charlotte first became known to the EFL Trust when she was CEO of UK Youth, a network organisation representing the youth sector in the UK. UK Youth and the EFL Trust had many shared plans and ambitions, and Charlotte was very well respected across the sector, having received the Rising CEO Star award from the Charity Times in 2012.

At that time, the EFL Trust Board lacked diversity in knowledge and expertise in wider charity areas, such as youth engagement. By 2014 Charlotte had moved on to head up Step up to Serve, a volunteering campaign back by the then Prince Charles and all the major political parties.  The EFL Trust were delighted that at this point, Charlotte also agreed to join the Board and bring her wealth of sector expertise and knowledge to the organisation.

Now CEO of the fantastic Felix Project in London, the advice and guidance Charlotte has provided to the EFL Trust over the last nine years has been invaluable. As well as her industry knowledge, Charlotte enthusiastically drove a governance review process and took on the role of Senior Independent Trustee. The EFL Trust subsequently achieved the highest level of compliance with the Sport England Code of Governance which has in turn led to a myriad of opportunities to expand the work and success of the charity and its network of club community organisations.

As Charlotte departs from the Board, the role of Senior Independent will pass to Uma Cresswell, who joined the Board in November 2021, and has become a committed and integral member of the team. The work of charity Trustees often goes unnoticed, but the impact that Charlotte has had during her long association with the EFL Trust is extraordinary. Charlotte’s knowledge, enthusiasm, positivity, and commitment has been a huge factor in the success of the EFL Trust and we all wish her the very best in her future career and similar success to incoming Board members.