Increasing Participation

We go beyond football to work with a wide range of other sports to encourage more people to play sport and be more active on a regular basis

“ I have not enjoyed team activities for some time now due to a bad experience when I played for a club. Taking part in these sessions has built my confidence back up and shown how working together as a team can benefit me in different activities, not just sport.”

Abi, Crawley Town

Our FFD programme has introduced over 30,000 new women and girls to football, with an retention rate of over 97% 

A record 6107 Girls took part in this years Football League +Sport Girls Cup –increase of over  20 %

Engaged over 220 young children with disabilities within Derbyshire Special Schools and SEN units.

Run 152 Competitions & Festivals for young people and have seen 10,622 participants at our events