Young Blackburn Rovers fan George doesn’t let his cerebral palsy stop him from being active

“He gets stuck in; he gives everything a try and there is nothing that he doesn’t want to do”

Young Blackburn Rovers supporter, George, has recently started in reception at Avondale, in Darwen, a partner primary school of Blackburn Rovers Community Trust.

George has cerebral palsy, and he has difficulty maneuvering himself around independently. However, this doesn’t diffuse his enthusiasm to participate in the EYFS gymnastics sessions run by Blackburn Rovers Community Trust at his school on a weekly basis.

The sessions focus on helping the children travel with both their hands and feet, with around 30 students aged 4-5 from Avondale participating each week.

George’s one-to-one, Zoe, said: “George has come on a lot, he gets stuck in and gives everything a try.

“When he first started his limbs were very tight and I do physio sessions with him daily. He wears splints, not for the PE sessions that Blackburn Rovers Community Trust or we provide, but his flexibility has come on. George’s balance is getting better, and he’s benefitted massively from all the sessions he has available to him.

“He has cerebral palsy, it’s his lower limbs so it predominantly affects his lower half

“George is a massive Rovers fan and every time we come, he says ‘I love Blackburn Rovers’ so it’s great to connect the two and he knows the familiarity of the club so it’s great that he can do sessions.”

Each week, the sessions follow a different engaging theme to allow the children to use their imagination, and just recently, the session was focused on superheroes and animals.

The skills Blackburn Rovers Community Trust’s staff teach include balancing both on and off apparatus, jumping and landing safely, transferring weight from one limb to another and rolling.

George is always looking to get involved with each activity put in front of him, and always has a huge smile on his face.

Sarah, SENCO lead at Avondale, said: “George is a resilient little boy who will give everything a go. He always has a smile on his face, and we include him in everything we can.

“He has physiotherapy sessions every day at school to ensure that his muscles are getting stretched, and we are trying to build that up. He is making progress.

“George loves football and he loves Blackburn Rovers. It is good he is encouraged to have a go at anything, and he looks forward to the sessions Blackburn Rovers Community Trust runs.

George’s dad concluded by saying: “George loves to be active and never lets his disabilities hold him back. He’s a big Rovers fan and always tells the family how much he loves doing PE with Rovers.”