Tom Slims to Win with Bristol City

Lifelong Bristol City fan Tom Blackburn has lost an incredible eight percent of his body weight thanks to Bristol City’s innovative Slim to Win project.   

The project run by Bristol City Robins Foundation’s is helping men across Bristol get fit and lose weight with members losing more than 175kg since September.

Tom told the Foundation:

“The main reason I joined Slim2Win was to improve my health so that I’m able to be an active dad to my two toddlers.

Slim2Win is an innovative health and wellbeing project ran by City’s official charity – the Robins Foundation – which harnesses the competitive nature of football to help men with unhealthy BMI’s to improve their fitness and lose weight.  Tom continues,

“The environment at the sessions and the guys I play with have helped me every step of the way and have provided me with great motivation. I would recommend the project to anyone.”

Bristol City Robins Foundation Slim2Win coordinator, Lee Gillett, commented:

“The months of lockdown have had a serious impact on the lifestyles of us all, with many of us becoming less active and leading less healthy lifestyles. Not only has it had negative physical implications, but it has also had a negative social impact with many people becoming socially isolated.

“Slim2Win addresses both of these issues as it provides the encouragement and the motivation needed to help members achieve their weight loss targets, as well as combating isolation by providing members with a chance to socialise and stay connected.

“It’s been great to see so many of our participants achieve their weight loss targets since the project resumed back in September.”