Teens tackle environmental issue ‘tail’ on

  • 15 Teenagers taking part in NCS in Hull build a whale sculpture to raise awareness of plastic waste
  • The group collect 40 bags of litter in Hull area
  • Sculpture to feature outside sports facility to have lasting legacy
  • The group in talks with local council to permanently feature sculpture on roundabout
  • Over 1,000 teens in Hull & East Riding take part in NCS with EFL Trust

15 teens from Hull have built a giant sculpture of a whale tail to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Each year over 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean. This has motivated a group of teens to raise awareness and reduce plastic waste in Hull in a unique way that will leave a long lasting legacy.

This group of teens who have taken part in NCS (National Citizen Service) this summer concluded their experience by delivering a Social Action Project driven by a passion for their local environment.


They were ambitious with only one week to deliver this project. To build the sculpture they raised over £250 with a bake sale and funding page as well as set up bottle collections in their schools which would form part of the sculpture.

The group were keen on emphasising the issues of plastic waste with the sculpture showing a tail diving into a blue box full of more plastic, highlighting the issues of plastic waste in our oceans.

Eric Kotas a member of the group said:

“I have a huge passion for the environment, especially in reducing plastic waste as it is a huge problem right now all over the world.

“My biggest achievement is the social action project where we created a sculpture of a whale’s tail whilst raising awareness about plastic, which is really important to me.

“I feel we have made a large impact on the community and hope it will bring change.”

The sculpture will feature outside of Tigers Trust’s Arena in Hull. The group hope that children & adults that attend sport sessions will leave their plastic bottle in the sculpture, acting as a collection point.

The group are in talks with the council for it to permanently feature on a roundabout and to leave a legacy for their campaign.

In addition the team were keen to have an active involvement in their local community and within a day they collected 40 full bags of litter in Newland Avenue area.

Anna Blake, NCS Team leader at Tigers Trust said:

“I think that this project is very different in comparison to what NCS groups tend to steer towards.

“At a time where people are becoming more environmentally conscious, this group of young people have taken action.

“Each member of the team has gone well above what is expected and the results have been amazing.

“Their project will hopefully feature as a lasting legacy in Hull and make steps to reducing plastic wastage. I am extremely proud of what they have achieved.”


NCS is national youth programme that challenges young people, allows them to meet new people and try something new.

Through EFL Trust over 1,000 teenagers in in Hull and East Riding have taken part in NCS this Summer to challenge themselves, meet new people and to give back to their local. For more information visit www.NCSYES.co.uk.