Clinton Morrison visits school to promote Lifebuoy Soaper Heroes as part of EFL Week of Action

Lifebuoy Soaper Heroes Ambassador Clinton Morrison has been down at Woodford CE Primary School in Northamptonshire to improve kids’ hand washing behaviours as part of the EFL Week of Action.

Lifebuoy have created a Soaper Heroes programme with the aim of educating kids on the importance of hand hygiene to keep themselves and those around them healthy! With cold and flu season among us, it is more important than ever to keep them away from having sick days from nasty germs. With your help, we can have them where we want them, back on the pitch and playing sport.

Clinton said at the event taking place at the Northamptonshire-based school organised by Northampton Town Community Trust:

“Thank you Woodford CofE Primary School and Northampton Town FC Community Trust for hosting us during the EFL’s Week of Action.

“We’ve had fun learning about the importance of good hand hygiene with Lifebuoy.”

With over 150 clubs and 70,000 kids taking part and benefiting from the programme in 2022, you too can become a Soaper Hero by downloading the programme using the link below.

Upon signing up, you will receive the below pack, including two great engaging and educational football activities which you can incorporate into your everyday sessions. Good hand hygiene doesn’t need to be difficult!

  • A welcome letter from Lifebuoy Soaper Heroes Ambassadors
  • An overview of Lifebuoy’s Soaper Heroes Programme
  • Soaper Heroes warm-up activity
  • Soaper Heroes clean-up activity
  • Educational Hygiene Posters for your club
  • Soaper Heroes certificates

Download your Soaper Heroes pack now here.

Remember, Touch it, Wash it, Bish Bash Bosh it!