Stockport County Community Trust ensuring their whole community is looked after with Social Wellbeing Group.

Stockport County Community Trust  carry out incredible work within their community, with one such impactful example taking place at Edgeley Park every Wednesday morning, away from the hustle and bustle of matchday.

County’s Social Wellbeing Group takes place at the Stadium, providing that well-known venue to the dozens of locals who attend every week in a warm, welcoming and comfortable environment to help reduce social isolation and to improve wellbeing.

Alison Warwood, CEO of the Trust, said: “Our group is more than a tea and a coffee for people who come along. They go away with tremendous outcomes and benefits which makes a positive difference to their lives.

“The Club and the Trust set up the group to help people who are vulnerable and/or who may be socially isolated and or lonely. They come along, share their issues, but also enjoy themselves, building new friendships whilst taking part in the many activities we have.”

Members can take part in therapeutic interventions by enjoying stress-relieving activities such as gentle yoga, relaxation and body movement and art therapy delivered by trained qualified professional therapists, helping to make long-term lifestyle changes which may lead to improving the quality of their lives.

The Group also acts as a signposting hub where the volunteers or the Trust may be able to advise on different services, organisations or guidance on how they could make lives easier at home, like promoting the benefits of smart meters, via the partnership between the EFL, the EFL Trust and Smart Energy GB.  Members often play bingo, quiz, or take a ground tour, gently walking around the pitch too to get exercising.

Ken Knott, Chairman of Stockport County FC, said: “Whilst the excitement of what happens on the football field is very important, if you truly aspire to take the Football Club back to the community, you’ve got to do a great deal, more than putting on a decent football team.

“We need to reach out to the community including those facing disadvantage and those with mental health challenges to ensure that the Club is re-embedded within its wider community.”