Safeguarding Resources

As we enter the new year, it’s useful for Designated Safeguarding Officers and other relevant staff members working with young people & vulnerable groups to be reminded of some of online the resources available to them. There are a number of newsletters & bulletins from safeguarding experts which are available free of charge. These are valuable resources which can help you to keep up to date with what’s happening across the safeguarding landscape, including; key issues faced by young people & vulnerable groups in specific geographical areas, current government focuses and changes to legislation & guidance, upcoming training opportunities and general guidance on providing robust safeguarding arrangements within your organisation.

From podcasts to research papers, there’s plenty available to continually expand your knowledge and ensure organisational safeguarding processes remain current and fit for purpose. Although some resources have been designed specifically for the education sector, there’s a lot of useful guidance included. The Safeguarding Team at EFL Trust will continue to circulate useful resources throughout the network. If there’s any specific safeguarding guidance you require please contact Tara Lawson or Luke Burch – we’re always happy to help!

Email Updates

You can sign up to the following emails newsletters & bulletins by following the links below:

From the NSPCC

CASPAR weekly newsletter:  Current awareness newsletter for practice, policy and research delivers free weekly email alerts to keep you up-to-date with all the latest safeguarding and child protection news.

New in the Library: Free weekly email alert delivers a list of all of the new child protection publications added to our library collection and catalogue.

Safeguarding in Education UpdateFree monthly email will help you keep your skills and knowledge up-to-date with all the latest education safeguarding and child protection news.

NSPCC Learning newsletter: Professional training, events, latest news, services and resources that may be relevant to you.

Local Safeguarding Children’s Partnership LSCP (formerly, Local Safeguarding Children’s Board LSCB)  

Most LSCPs will provide local information, guidance & resources through an email bulletin. Search for your local partnership to sign up to the mailing list.

Andrew Hall Safeguarding BriefingA free newsletter from an expert in safeguarding in education.

Online Resources

Fron the NSPCC

Child Protection in Sports Unit (CPSU)  

Voluntary & Community Safeguarding Advice

Guidanc for Professionals PDF


Ann Craft Trust: A leading UK charity supporting organisations to safeguard disabled children and adults at risk.