Racquel’s journey on FIT BAGGIES an inspiration to her whole family.

Racquel Parchmant joined FIT BAGGIES in April 2022, and the programme had such a impact on her life, her and her family have been challenging themself through West Bromwich Albion’s Foundation ever since.

Racquel and her cohort of FIT BAGGIES recently  paid a visit to the clubs training ground, as a reward for completing their 12-week health, fitness and lifestyle programme.

They were invited along to use the players’ gym and Albion training ground facilities for their first FIT BAGGIES session of the new year.

The FIT FANS programme aims to transform the lives of previously inactive people, helping them to change their eating and drinking habits, while losing weight and improving their health in a safe and sustainable way.

Average weight loss statistics for the FIT FANS programme are impressive and exceed those of many other programmes. On average women lose well over 3kg and men over 5.5kg by the end of the 12 weeks. We also have evidence that lifestyle change, and weight loss are sustained over the following 12 months. More than 90% of men and 85% of women lose weight during the programme with many losing a clinically significant amount. Our data shows FIT FANS helps people to increase physical activity, and reduce sedentary time, leading to weight loss, a significant reduction in reduction in blood pressure, and improvement in self-reported mental wellbeing measures.

Following on from their participation in the last round of FIT BAGGIES, several members have started to take part in various other sessions or events that The Albion Foundation has on offer to the Sandwell community as well as embarking on their own challenges too.

Racquel took part in last year’s colour run, completed the million-step challenge for Diabetes UK and has also started to get her family involved with The Foundation, with her son Jude part of the Kicks programme.

“Before joining FIT BAGGIES, I felt that I just wanted to make my body stronger and learn about healthy eating. Upon starting the programme, that’s what we went straight into.

“When I started, I had no idea I’d be taking part in a 5K Colour Run, but it was the most amazing opportunity that I was given. With the encouragement of the team, I took part. Not only did I take part, but my husband and my three children did as well.

“My youngest son Jude has been involved with the foundation for several years, he’s been part of the Kicks programme which he loves thoroughly. For him he’s been blossoming from the day he started.

“I recently completed the million-step challenge for Diabetes UK too, which I feel very proud of. The previous me wouldn’t have done anything like that before, but Fit Baggies gave me the confidence to do that and to know that you can really achieve anything you want to.”


Keith Whitehouse, a FIT BAGGIES member and lifelong Baggies fan, was delighted to visit the training ground and was keen to highlight the benefits FIT BAGGIES has had on his life, with Keith also now part of The Foundation’s walking football team.

“It’s been a great opportunity, I’ve been a season-ticket holder for over 35 years and a supporter for over 50 years. I only live up the road from here, but this is the first opportunity I’ve had to visit and look at the fantastic facilities the club has.

“Fit Baggies has helped my fitness get to a nice position and I’ve lost some weight too. I’ve been able to maintain that weight loss and it’s given me enthusiasm to keep on with the programme, watching what I’m eating, going on regular walks and keeping up my fitness.

“I also attend walking football every week, and that’s a really good programme, it’s always friendly, fun and a great activity – it’s surprising how much energy you use in one hour of walking football. It’s a bit of a social event too, it’s really worthwhile and good for your mental health as well.”

Each FIT BAGGIES session involves 45 minutes of lifestyle education in which participants are educated on how they can start to make changes to their lifestyles which will benefit their overall health and wellbeing, whether that be through diet improvements, or exercises that positively impact physical and mental health.

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