QPR star Dominic Ball has taken it upon himself to personally help local residents who are in need during this current COVID-19 pandemic. Foodbanks up and down the country are in need of help more than ever, with demand on them being at an all-time high.

The 24-year-old midfielder has recently visited Hammersmith and Fulham’s temporary Foodbank in Olympia, not once but twice, with essential items families are in desperate need of during this tough time.

Ball explained to www.qpr.co.uk about his good will gesture. He said: “I saw QPR in the Community Trust tweeting about how the Foodbank went from supplying 100 families a week, to 100 families a day, which obviously is a shocking figure and I just wanted to help in any which way that I could.

“As a result, I did a big shop and dropped the food off at Olympia and they were so grateful which was great. But after seeing the sheer number of people working there truly shocked me and they told me, they are all having to buy their own food, however that still isn’t enough to keep up with demand and supply items to everyone in need.

“So that’s when I thought, I will do another big shop and buy as much as I can, which ended up being six items of everything. This means at least I know I have been able to help six families during this tough time. Obviously, it was just something small that I thought would help and hopefully it has made a small difference.”

Trust CEO Andy Evans was full of praise for Ball after helping those in need, Evans said: “It’s no surprise to me that our player Dom Ball has taken it upon himself to support the local foodbank by donating essential items.

“Dom has always been very supportive of all the work we do in the local community by giving up his time to attend the many projects we deliver”