Poetry in Motion as Cardiff City striker Isaac Vassell swaps football pitch for the classroom

Cardiff City striker Isaac Vassell joined the Cardiff City FC Foundation, the official charity of Cardiff City Football Club, as they paid a visit to Maerdy Community Primary School to celebrate National Poetry Day.   

National Poetry Day, the UK-wide celebration of poetry, takes place every year with a new theme, which this year – the 25th anniversary – is Truth.

Pupils from Year 6 were inspired by Isaac, using their creative writing skills to come up with their own, unique pieces of poetry surrounding how important truth and trust can be on a football pitch, before showing the confidence to stand up and read their creations in front of their classmates.

The lesson aimed to improve children’s confidence in reading and writing, whilst also helping them to articulate and develop their confidence in oracy skills.

National Poetry Day generates an explosion of activity nationwide, celebrating poetry’s power to bring people together and inspiring children to explore their imaginative minds.

Speaking at the event, Vassell said: “It’s so important that primary school children develop their reading and writing skills. Moving forward in their lives, they need to be confident in being able to speak and write their ideas down. I’m glad that I can help.”

The visit was organised as part of the Premier League Primary Stars project, a project that provides opportunities for pupils and teachers to further develop themselves.

The Bluebirds Charity recently celebrated 10 years of changing lives, during which time it has invested over £10 million in sport and education programmes across South Wales.