NCS Grads at EFL Trust National Conference

The annual EFL Trust Conference was held at The Oxford Belfry Hotel between 10th – 12th September 2017. As well as delegates from the 72 football community trusts under our umbrella, we were delighted to be able to invite 3 NCS graduates from our network to the event.

Cara Harrison (SWFCCP – Sheffield Wednesday) & Libby Smith (Club Doncaster) co-delivered a workshop with EFL Trust staff on youth participation. They were both able to share how their experience of the NCS graduate programme has given them opportunities to lead and influence future improvements to the NCS programmes, to ensure the content of the timetables are endorsed by young people that have completed the programme.

Cara & Libby were supported in their workshop by Katie Aris who is also an NCS graduate, now employed full time as part of the Portsmouth NCS staff team. Katie epitomises everything that NCS is about and it was fantastic to have her in attendance in the capacity of compere. All the graduates did an incredible job in their respective role and added something very special to this years conference.

Libby, who is about to begin her degree in International Events Management said: “The whole experience was amazing and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it! It has given me a real insight in the events industry so it’s helped me in many ways!”

Mike Evans, Director of Operations at EFL Trust added: “Katie, Cara and Libby were a key part of our conference this year and really show how NCS is able to produce confident, skilled young adults that are able to take on this challenge with such professionalism”.

 The conference also welcomed NCS Trust’s Chair of the Board of Directors, Stephen Greene, who addressed the 72 football club trusts on the first day.

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