Mindful Gifts CIC celebrates donation with Wolfie

This week saw Wolfie pop into one of Wolves Aid supported charities, Mindful Gifts CIC to celebrate their recent donation.

Mindful Gifts CIC, a shop, located in Darlaston Town Centre, helps those suffering from forms of dementia and their families and carers by bringing back memories from their childhood and early adult life. The shop, which includes a purpose built dining room, a sweet and toy department and gifts suitable for those who have been diagnosed with dementia, aims to provide advice and guidance for carers as well as it being a welcoming space to break social isolation.

The Wolves Aid donation, £11,100 over 2 years, will help Mindful Gifts CIC, to provide meaningful placements for volunteers which include people looking to get back into employment.

Wolfie was able to pop into for a cup of tea and to help out with a crocheting class, one of several low-cost activities that Mindful Gifts CIC offers for the local community.

Vicki Phipps, Founder, said

“We are really grateful to Wolves Aid for supporting us. Our 1950s shop is the first of its kind in the country and its amazing how people’s faces light up when they come in and see all the old items they haven’t seen for a long time. They can also enjoy a cuppa out of our best china and buy some carbolic soap out of grocery stores! ”

For further information about Mindful Gifts CIC please contact 01922 495994 and to see whether you are eligible for a Wolves Aid grant please visit www.wolvescommunitytrust.org.uk/wolves-aid/