“I’m passionate about growing as a Youth Leader”

“I’m passionate about further growing as a youth leader and being able to empower other young people to be the start of change.” says Emmanuel Essien, one of three NCS graduates who has been accepted out of hundreds of applications of young people, to join The FA Leadership Academy.

Three EFL Trust NCS graduates have been accepted onto The FA Leadership Academy (FALA) after successfully navigating a competitive application process. Emmanuel Essien from Sheffield, Ellie-Ja Goddard and Josh Newbold, both from Rotherham, were all accepted on the FALA.

The FALA takes young people on a journey through developing themselves, others and their communities. The Academy equips young people with the skills and tools to become youth leaders, concluding with each young person delivering a social action project to positively impact their local communities through football.

Their 12-month journey begins today with a four-day event. The event usually takes place at St George’s Park, but due to COVID-19, will be held virtually. During the event, young people will be introduced to the academy, learn how to become a leader and hear from football icons and other workshops to develop their skills.

Ellie is delighted to have been accepted onto the FALA. She said:

“I have always loved helping people and I am looking forward to FALA as I think it is the perfect platform for me to develop my skills and help people in my community, alongside a sport that I love.”

The opportunity to apply for the FALA was made available to Emmanuel, Ellie and Josh through the EFL Trust’s Regional Youth Board, a Board they are all a part of having done NCS in their local area. As part of the Youth Board they have been involved in supporting local charities such as Hull Homeless Community Projects and food banks across Yorkshire and the Humber.

Emmanuel, who completed his NCS experience with Sheffield Wednesday, believes the FALA is a great step for his development

“I’m looking forward to the FALA programme because I’m passionate about further growing as a youth leader and being able to empower other young people to be the start of change.

“I know the FALA programme is a step up to make a greater impact for the lives of people in the wider football community.”

Following the four-day event, the youth leaders will take part in a 12-month development plan of which they are required to create and implement a project within their local community that aids the growth and development of other young people, youth leaders and football as a whole.