Stroke Survivors health and fitness sessions with West Bromwich Albion the best thing Linda ever did.

“I was in a dark place because of my stroke but meeting Loz and Dave at West Bromwich Albion has helped me so much, made friends with me and helped me with my movement.”

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”says Linda who has been attending West Bromwich health and fitness sessions for Stroke survivors.

Linda has been working with The Albion Foundation for just over 18 months as part of their health and fitness sessions for stroke survivors. When she was first referred to the programme, Linda was low in confidence and had a negative outlook on life in the aftermath of her stroke where she initially had no movement in her left arm.

One of the programme coaches, Lauren recalled: “When we first met Linda her confidence was very low, really low self-esteem and she didn’t want to leave the house.”

However, the sessions have been revolutionary in Linda’s self-confidence, which she said is ‘the main thing’ she can take away from the immense progress she has made.

She said: “This time last year, I didn’t want to meet people, I didn’t want to go out. The first time I came, it was like I’ve been in a new world, I’d woken up and that’s what started me, living again.”

Linda could not speak more highly of coaches Lauren and Dave who have supported Linda on her journey.

“I was in a dark place because of my stroke but meeting Loz and Dave has helped me so much, I have made friends with me and helped me with my movement.”

As Linda’s confidence grew, as did her mentality to try anything she was tasked with. This new found attitude was part of the reason whilst on holiday with her family last year, she managed to regain some movement in her left arm- an emotional moment for all involved from Linda to Lauren and Dave.

She said: “Last year I didn’t have the confidence to move like I do now, now when they ask me to do things I know I can try.”

Linda’s attitude to never give up is something she wishes to influence upon others.

“I’d like to say to anybody, if you’re at home don’t just sit there, don’t give up, try and try.”
Since joining the group, Linda has been able to build back her strength and mobility but most important of all she is now full of energy and confidence in meeting and talking people as well as in her own movement.

The Albion Foundation partnered with the Stroke Association and Age UK Sandwell to offer closed health and fitness sessions for stroke survivors. The programme aims to support stroke survivors in their journey towards physical, emotional, and social recovery, enhancing their overall wellbeing and quality of life:

  • Physical – tailored exercise routines focusing on improving mobility, strength, balance and coordination,
  • Emotional – peer and coach support to help survivors navigate emotional challenges,
  • Lifestyle – education on nutrition and lifestyle changes to prevent future strokes,
  • Social – group fosters a sense of community and shared experiences.