EFL Trust National Conference 2019

EFL Football Club Community Organisations (CCOs) from across the country came together at St George’s Park as the EFL Trust’s new five year strategy was launched and a £2.25m investment into the network was announced by Sport England.

The EFL Trust National Conference is an opportunity for the network of CCOs to hear inspirational speakers, discuss key opportunities and share best practice, enabling them to continue to positively benefit the lives of more people in their communities.

This year, the National Conference played host to the launch of the EFL Trust Strategy for the next five years and focused on the importance of partnerships with key organisations to deliver the organisation’s vision of ‘Stronger, Healthier, More Active Communities.’

Hosting the Conference this year were two amazing young people who themselves are testament to EFL Trust’s biggest project, NCS.  Jasmin Devine-Runkee and Dominic Hartley are both NCS graduates from EFL Trust’s network. NCS develops life skills and helps the integration of 16-17 years olds into their community. Both young adults are a shining example of the skills and confidence gained from being part of NCS.

NCS graduates Dominic and Jasmin who hosted the event.

Don Goodman spoke with passion about the significant impact of CCOs on their communities and said that the growth in the numbers of people benefiting across the country was staggering.

During the Conference, delegates heard from key speakers from Department of Work and Pensions, NHS and Sport England.

In his address today, Tim Hollingsworth, Chief Executive of Sport England announced his organisation’s intention to invest in the EFL Trust network’s ability to reach one of their key audiences.

The investment of over £2.25 million, of National Lottery funding, will aim to reach around 10,000 inactive men and women on low incomes.

Tim Hollingsworth, Chief Executive, Sport England

Partnership with the EFL Trust network due to the unique position of Football Clubs in their local communities was a constant theme throughout the two days.

Dave Barrow, Group Director, Work in Health Service, DWP, commented that the EFL Trust brings some really innovative approaches to getting people into employment and that the partnership with the EFL Trust to date has been a major success.

Similarly James Sanderson, Director of Personalised Care, NHS, referenced the power of CCOs and how they can add value to the health and wellbeing of individuals in EFL Communities. He is very positive about the opportunity for more CCOs to connect with people, share messages about healthy living and enable people to access more physical activity.

James Sanderson, Director of Personalised Care, NHS

The CCOs heard from Clare Martin from EFL’s Community Club of the Year 2019, Portsmouth, who linked their successful strategy to the key themes of passion, people and continuous improvement. Clare also reflected on the vital importance of partnerships both locally and nationally.

Caroline Dakin, of CD Associates, delivered a fantastic interactive session for the CCOs around the importance of building personal resilience and resilience in teams in the bid to be successful in challenging times.

Finally, Miriam Jordan Keane, NCS Trust, took to the stage to speak about the power of the EFL Trust network and its successful delivery since 2011, the growth plan for the reinvigorated NCS brand and the future potential of the Trust’s delivery.

EFL Trust would like the thank all the the organisations from outside our network, who attended to deliver information or workshops to our network including DWP, Job Centre Plus, NHS, ICSA, M&C Saatchi, Anthem Engagement, Mind, AoC, University of South Wales and Sports Directory.

The EFL Trust now look forward to the next five years as we strive to achieve our vision of stronger, more active communities.

You can find out more about the 2019-2024 EFL Trust Strategy by clicking here.