Celebrating the Kinder + Sport Move and Learn at Parliament

Last week, ourselves and Ferrero went to Houses of Parliament to celebrate the success of our Kinder + Sport Move and Learn programme.

In the presence of guest of honour, Olympic hero Sally Gunnell, and numerous MP’s we talked about  the programme which this year will get over 30,000 children active and learning about the benefits of healthy eating.

There are strong links between our values and those of Ferrero. Like Ferrero, we believe in the need for a partnership approach to address pressing issues such as inactivity, obesity and the lack of understanding about nutrition and balanced lifestyles. These beliefs very much emulate the work we’ve been doing over the past year with the DCMS and Sport England to find ways to collectively get kids moving more from a younger age, and help them maintain this activity into the difficult teenage years and beyond into adulthood.

By partnering with companies like Ferrero, we are using the commercial resources that they are passionate about putting to good use, to make a valuable contribution to wider society – where we need it most.

Since we launched our partnership with Kinder + Sport in the UK in 2013, we’ve been delighted to see our work grow significantly in scale and impact.

Our flagship programme is + Sport Move and Learn which is a bespoke initiative for schools that we developed with Ferrero.  Alongside + Sport Move and Learn we also partner with Ferrero to deliver our national Kids Cup & Girls Cup together with the 72 FLT clubs, a number of holiday camps and the newly formed Kinder + Sport Futsal Cup.


The goal of + Sport Move and Learn is to help promote nutritional education and build awareness of the importance of physical activity.  What we value most at the FLT about + Sport Move and Learn is the focus for children on both practical activity and nutritional information.

Over the course of six weeks, children aged 9 and 10 at participating schools spend nine hours learning about the importance of a balanced diet and active lifestyle. Each week the children take part in a 90 minute session that involves 45 minutes of practical activity, either football, handball or dodgeball, and a 45 minute classroom-based session where they learn about topics related to the body; nutrition, the importance of exercise and information about food groups, in line with government recommendations in the Eatwell plate.

The programme was piloted in 2013 with Watford FC.  Since then, with Ferrero’s support, we have significantly expanded the programme to involve 18 football clubs this year across the UK and Ireland.

This year we will reach 31, 600 young people in 450 schools.  And we are reminded of why this initiative is so important when we hear the universally positive feedback from our clubs, from teachers, from parents and, of course, most importantly the kids taking part.