Bob find inspiration to ‘Shape Up’ at Watford Football Club

Bob, aged 61 was overweight – in fact, he says ‘morbidly obese according to the internet’. When Bob’s wife died, he thought it was important for him to do something about it, as she’d always asked him to.

‘Shape Up’ is a free 12-week weight management course for men at Watford Football Club. The course is aimed at men aged 18 to 65 years-old with a high BMI.

Participants meet up weekly for a ninety-minute session comprising of a forty-five-minute educational segment and a forty-five-minute physical activity session. These two segments are delivered with the aim of improving participant’s healthy lifestyle knowledge to ensure a sustainable weight loss rather than the typically short-term benefit of a diet-based programme.

 Bob found that the coaching team’s teaching about nutrition and the psychology of peer pressure and your attitude to food was really valuable.

 Bob stopped drinking beer, cut back on pasta and bread and ate lots of fresh veg and salads. He switched from sugary cereals to porridge and gave up his sugar in his coffee.  With the encouragement he found that he was able to stop eating sweets, crisps and general junk. He also felt inspired to begin exercising and now does activity 6 days a week, for 30 minutes.

The impact on Bob’s life has been significant. He’s now lost 11.4Kg and buys better food: mostly healthy lean meats, veggies and salads. He has seen a big drop in his blood pressure – now 130/80 – cholesterol and his resting heart rate according to his GP.

Bob has also found that he’s have stopped snoring. He loves being slimmer and is enjoying compliments from friends and family!

Bob remarried and is proud to say that his weight has remained fairly static….even through the COVID-19 lockdown! He says,

“This has genuinely been a complete life change.”

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