Abdu Abubakar has become a role model to many after his dedication to supporting other refugees and asylum seekers settling in Hull.

Abdu Abubakar, from Hull City, has become a role model for his dedication to supporting other refugees and asylum seekers settling in Hull.

Abdu, a valued member of the Hull City, Tigers Trust team, initially joined as a participant before dedicating over 200 hours to volunteer work, assisting his peers with education and language barriers, as well as supporting staff in community sports sessions. He has been a full-time team member for almost four years now.

Abdu’s journey to Hull from Eritrea as a refugee was marked by challenges, but through resilience and community support, he has flourished. Initially facing language barriers and isolation, Abdu found his footing through programmes like the Kicks International Programme and has since become an integral part of the local community, significantly improving his English proficiency and confidence.

Abdu volunteered extensively, mentoring others and assisting with language barriers in various programmes. His dedication to helping others has been evident throughout his employment with the Trust, particularly during lockdowns, where he supported community members battling loneliness and inactivity.

Abdu’s impact extends beyond his immediate community, as he actively works to increase activity levels in Hull, particularly among young adults and ethnic groups. His efforts have led to thousands of attendances in programmes aimed at promoting physical activity and community engagement.

Abdu’s infectious smile and genuine passion for the Tigers Trust and its programmes make him a standout representative of the organisation’s values. His commitment to personal growth and supporting others has not gone unnoticed. Abdu, has become a role model and a representative of the pathway’s that are possible for refugees and asylum seekers with support from Club Community Organisations.