World Cancer Day 2018: Unite in the fight against cancer

On 4th February, the EFL Trust supports World Cancer Day as our clubs continue to do fantastic work supporting people whose lives are affected by cancer using the power of football.

#WorldCancerDay is a global event that unites the World’s population in the fight against cancer.

As more people live longer with cancer and more of us experience it, most people will know someone with cancer – whether they’re a colleague, family member or friend.

Research shows that physical activity can be an important part of recovery after cancer treatment and may reduce the risk of certain cancers coming back.

To help provide a social environment to share stories, build strength and increase their confidence and self-esteem during a difficult period of their lives, our EFL Club Community Trusts run various programmes and projects including Notts County FC Football in the Community’s CARE programme.

The programme is run in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support and is designed for patients at any stage of their treatment or recovery with sessions involving fun, graduated strengthening exercises and a chance to meet and socialise with others who have been through similar experiences.

Participant Gill Allan had this to say about her experience on the programme:

“The class is so friendly and the coaches are brilliant. The laughter and camaraderie is the best medicine and so inspiring.

‘’No one judges you, everyone is supportive we are after all in the same boat (albeit slightly different canoes). I am in better physical shape since participating, my range of movement has improved, along with stamina and [the programme] has proved I can push myself.

‘’CARE has increased my confidence, I had struggled alone for so many years my mobility decreasing, in pain and stiffness dominated my days. I am now happier and smiling even more than usual.”

Norwich City are another club who run a programme in their local community focused on supporting those with cancer, called the Kick Cancer programme.

The 10 week activity based project in partnership with the Big C and Riverside Leisure Centre, involves activities such as yoga, gym, swimming and walking sports as well as a social hour with group discussions, guest appearances and excursions.

Elsewhere, Derby County Community Trust have recently launched a cancer recovery programme that runs in partnership with Derby Royal Hospital called ‘Active Recovery’.

Following the launch of the programme, Jack Bell from the Derby County Community Trust said: ‘’The launch event has been a huge success. It’s great that we can make a positive influence on so many people’s lives.

‘’To have so many people here today [at the launch] demonstrates the need and gives an insight into the impact we can have on individuals.’’