The Joy of Moving!

Working with our network of EFL Community Trusts we have ‘moved’ over 27,000 kids through the Kinder + Sport Move and Learn project this academic year.

Now in its second year the Kinder + Sport Move and Learn Project has had an increase in delivery hours to 243,000, and more importantly 60% more kids have been moved compared to last year. Over 450 schools have benefited from this programme, knowing that the educating children on nutrition and physical activity is vital from a young age.

By combining six weeks of practical sporting sessions with classroom sessions, the programme encourages physical activity, promotes nutritional education and builds awareness of the importance of a healthy diet and active lifestyle.moveandlearn21

Aiden Couch, Project Manager at the EFL Trust is delighted with the growth of the programme; “Since we launched our partnership with Kinder + Sport in the UK in 2013, we’ve been delighted to see our work grow significantly in scale and impact. In partnership with Ferrero we are tackling pressing issues such as inactivity, obesity and the lack of understanding about nutrition and balanced lifestyles.”

Football is used throughout the programme as a unique way to engage kids, allowing us to project the key messages across to the community. During the football season, schools and pupils are invited to their local professional football club on a match day to take penalties at the club mascot during half time… a memory that kids won’t forget too quickly! As well as that, football players from the clubs take time out to visit schools and talk to pupils about the diet of a professional athlete followed by carrying out a Q&A session.

Chris Baird, Derby County’s Captain, visited Ashgate Primary School alongside Derby defender Ryan Shotton. Baird Comments, “It’s important for any kid growing up to get the guidance from teachers and parents, but we too can have a role to play in assisting kids in making the right choices for themselves.”

Anthony Jones, Ashgate Primary School “The Kinder + Sport Move and Learn project has had huge benefits to our school and pupils, educating them on nutrition and an active lifestyle. It’s great that the kids have enjoyed the physical activity which is so important at that age, they particularly enjoyed the variety of activities on offer such as dodge-ball!  We look forward to delivering more Move and Learn to our students in the future!”

The Kinder + Sport is just another example of how the power of sport can help tackle societies issues.