Kinder +Sport Move and Learn project enters its fourth year

EFL Trust’s +Sport Move and Learn Project, a specially designed primary schools programme encouraging children to take part in physical activity, has embarked on its fourth year running.

The programme that is run in partnership with Ferrero, EFL Trust’s network of 26 EFL Club Community Trusts and The Irish FA helps young people understand the importance of a balanced diet and active lifestyle.

The +Sport Move and Learn Project is part of Ferrero’s global Kinder +Sport CSR initiative that has already encouraged 15 million children across the world to follow an active lifestyle.

Locally, over the course of six weeks, children from year 5 spend time in the classroom learning about the body, nutrition and the importance of exercise, through participating in interactive activities. This is then followed by a session dedicated to playing football, dodgeball or handball, with two weeks spent on each sport.

Jo Reed, St John’s Primary School, from Brentford FC has said “The children have absolutely loved every session.

‘’They keep talking about what they’ve learnt after they have had a Move and Learn session and it has definitely impacted on them – they are scanning food with the food smart app and loads of them have the flavour infuser water bottles in class.

‘’The teachers have learnt lots too and it will help us be better role models.’’

To date, the programme has been delivered locally by football club trusts in 1,495 schools, with 81,476 children impacted. This Year, EFL Trust welcomes 4 new Club Trusts; Bristol Rovers, Millwall, QPR and Stevenage.

To build on this success, this year 660 schools and approximately 39,600 children will be reached.

A spokesperson from Ferrero said: “Our partnership with the EFL Trust and all our member clubs has gone from strength to strength in recent years, and we are proud that together we have inspired thousands of children to discover new ways to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.”

“Since launching Kinder + Sport in the UK two years ago, we have moved over 100,000 children as a result. Active children are more likely to grow into active adults, so we are passionate about inspiring future generations in communities across the UK to get active and live well.

‘’The EFL Trust is the perfect partner; football clubs are at the heart of their communities and engage and inspire people from all generations – and this is exactly what we want to do with Kinder + Sport in the UK.”

Mike Evans, Director of Operations at the EFL Trust said: “The +Sport Move and Learn Project and our partnership with Ferrero is growing from strength to strength.

‘’The power of sport and the club badge allows our network of community trusts to deliver key messages, such as tackling obesity, to reach out to the wider community.

‘’We are committed to helping the next generation discover the joy of moving and we look forward to continuing to work with Ferrero and our own network to achieve this.”

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