We use the power of sport to improve the health and wellbeing of our local communities particularly among hard to reach groups.

80% of the pupils enjoyed the different fruit provided, with 70% of stating they would try the fruit again.

“Selina loves the Zip Zap Club. She would not try a kiwi fruit at home, but did at Zip Zap and loves them! She enjoys the different sports and trying new fruits and vegetables.”

‘The group of 30 guys lost over 40 stone in weight during the 12 week programme’

“I was a heart attack waiting to happen. The FFIT project has helped me completely change my lifestyle and hopefully add years to my life”

Roman PiotrowskiFFIT Participant

83% of the pupils enjoyed the different sport delivered by AITC coaches, with 74% stating they would play the sport again.

Engaged with over 100 participants aged 16+ who are experiencing Mental Health issues in 2014/15. The programme provides informal community based opportunities and opportunities for participation based within secure psychiatric units.